Borrowing money to pay your tuition and other educational costs.

We understand that student loans are often a burden for recent college graduates. York College tries to avoid having students borrow for their education. Our tuition and other costs are low enough that most of our students are able to afford college without the burden of debt. However, that may not be your situation. If you decide you need to borrow to pay some of the costs of your college education, there are federal student and parent loan programs.  A complete FAFSA must be filed and processed in order to apply for federal student loans.

Anyone who borrows a federal student loan must be aware that student loans are the same as any other loan. They must be repaid with interest. While the interest rates of federal student loans are much more attractive than other commercial loans, such as credit cards, you still are required to repay what you have borrowed. If you have any questions about the repayment terms of a loan you should not sign the promissory note until your questions have been answered.


Workshops are available to help students apply for federal loans, as well as understanding the borrowing and repayment process. We strongly recommend that first time loan borrowers attend one of our Federal Loan Entrance Workshops.