Elevator/Escalator Repair Update

The elevators and escalators throughout the college are approximately 35 years old and have exceeded or are rapidly approaching the end of their useful life.

Since their installation, the equipment have been maintained routinely but have not undergone any significant upgrades. Ongoing routine maintenance and repairs have kept the equipment in service, but doing so has become increasing difficult due to the aging of the equipment. Repairs now take longer to be carried out as replacement parts are no longer readily available and some even have to be fabricated.

Current Conditions

The agreement with our elevator/escalator maintenance service provider calls for preventive maintenance and repairs as needed. As of October 29, 2014, all elevators are operating. Because of their age, however, service interruptions may recur occasionally and will be addressed immediately by our service provider.

As of today 7 of the 8 escalators are operational; one escalator is still under repair. The completion date for the repair is unknown at this time. To help conserve energy and reduce wear and tear on the equipment, escalators are routinely turned off approximately one hour after the last class ends and are turned on early in morning.

The Future

Moving forward, a plan to replace all of the elevators on campus and install new escalators in some locations and replace others with new stairways is proceeding. The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York has retained a consultant to design a plan to modernize the elevators and escalators. It is expected the plan will be submitted to DASNY and CUNY for review in April 2015. The preliminary design phase as well as the procurement and construction phases will occur immediately thereafter. The first phase will focus on full elevator replacement and the second phase on new escalators and staircases.

The Facilities and Operations office will continue to make every effort to ensure that elevators and escalators remain in service. We regret the inconvenience which service interruptions have caused the college community and are working closely with the Office of Public Safety to remain responsive to the diverse needs of members of our community.