Notification Bulletin - Electronic Items Security

TO: The Campus Community
FROM: The Office of Public Safety
DATE: November 19, 2013
There has been an increase in reports of "lost property." Lost property is categorized as valuables that are left "unsecured" and then taken by another person. As opposed to a theft where the property is removed by force or from a closed, secure location. Regardless of the classification, there is always a victim when property is lost. The most common areas these lost property incidents occur on campus are in the library, cafeteria, lounge areas and classrooms. Recently, reports of missing electronic items are starting to occur in department office spaces.

Office Safety Tips:

  • Always close your door when leaving your office even if it is an interior office.
  • Secure valuables inside desk drawers not on top of desk at the start of your workday.
  • Install “Find My IPhone/Android” Apps on all your electronic devices.
  • Campus Safety Tips:

  • Never leave electronic items unattended.
  • Keep bags, book bags, purses closed if they contain valuables.
  • Keep small phones and electronic items on your person, not inside coat pockets.
  • (Coats hung over chairs are easy targets for an opportunist)

    Instances of lost property are cases of opportunity.  Please take the necessary measures to reduce the opportunities for property loss.


    If you have any questions regarding the above subject, please contact the Public Safety Office, Room 1M02, extension 2222.

    Thank you.