Diao, Junli

Diao, Junli

Curriculum Vitae
Head of Cataloging & Serials
Assistant Professor

Phone: 718-262-2302
Office Location: AC-3G02B

Office Hours  
Monday-Friday  9:00 am-5:00 pm 


Degree Institution Field Dates
MLIS  McGill University  Librarianship  2004-2006 
M Ed  Queen's University  Assessment and Evaluation (ESL)  2002-2004 
BA  Henan University  English Literature  1994-1998 
Professor Diao’s current research interests focus on the intersection of library, history and writing through the lens of comparative perspective. His research covers reinvestigation and reevaluation of traditional classification schemes from a cultural perspective, rethinking of cataloging librarians’ roles in the age of library digitalization and career deprofessionalization, history of Romanization of Chinese language and related issues in the Library of Congress, and Chinese writing and its impact on Chinese libraries in the course of its history.

Areas of Expertise

Cataloging and classification
Metadata and digitization

Articles in Field Of Expertise

Diao, J. "Scythian frozen tombs." Lost History. : (Encyclopedia article under review).

Diao, J. "Lost tombs in the Six Dynasties in Nanjing." Lost History. : (Encyclopedia article under review).

Diao, J. "Conceptualizations of Catalogers’ Judgment through Content Analysis: A Preliminary Investigation." Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. 2018: (Accepted and forthcoming).

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Diao, J. & Cao, H. "Chronology in cataloging Chinese archaeology reports and related materials: An investigation of cultural bias in the Library of Congress Classification." Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. 54 2016: 244-262.

Diao, J. ""Fu hao", "fu hao", "fuHao", or "fu Hao"? A cataloger's navigation of an ancient Chinese woman's name." Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. 53 2015: 71-87.

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Diao, J. "Passion of a young cataloger." Technicalities. 33(4) 2013: 17.

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Diao, J. & Li, Yue. "Romanization and Transliteration." Guidelines and Procedures for the Shared Bibliographic Catalog. 2015: 7-8.

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Evolution of library’s catalog. " Presented at LACUNY Cataloging Roundtable, Baruch College, New York, November 2017.: .

" Milestones of libraries’ catalogs: how we get here and where we are heading. " In Junli Diao, Christina Miller, Scott Sheidlower, Todd Simpson, Stefka Tzanova's group presentation Welcome to the York College Library, conducted at the meeting of York College Professor 101, New York, April, 2017.: .

" Building cataloging department Web pages " 2009: Canadian Library Association Conference.

" A faceted classification for computer software " 2006: Canadian Library Association Conference.